Harlow Builders, Inc. is proud to offer you a non-transferable comprehensive two-year home warranty.  After moving into your new home, you may notice small cosmetic items that need to be addressed (caulking, paint, nail pops, etc.) We suggest to wait at least 90 days after closing before sending these items.  This will maximize the need for call backs, and increase efficiency.  However, please be advised any major occurrence such as plumbing leaks or electrical items that interrupt the habitability of the home will take precedence, and will be promptly addressed.

Send your concerns to sales@harlowbuilders.com with “Warranty- (your last name)” as the subject line, or submit your itemized list via the form below. You should receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days.

Appliances and landscape items are not covered.  Please refer to your warranty manual for information on how to file a warranty claim for appliances.